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Knowledge Base

Below we have linked to some articles that cover he most common aspects of filtration technology, case studies, trouble hooting guides and technical bulletins, we try to address questions that continuously arise from costumers and the general public. 

Indoor Air Quality

Understanding the effects of indoor air quality in relation to the application may very well set the broad guidelines in which air cleaning targets are set.   There are several parameters, classifications, and recommendations put together by leading organizations such as ISO, ASHRAE, and several other institutions that are occasionally used as a bench mark by consultants, project managers, and building operators during the design and operational phase of a building.

Air Filtration Standards

Air filters used in ventilating systems are used to remove an extremely wide variety of contaminants from the air, ranging from dust and smoke to bacteria, mold and spores. Several standrds were put in place to help you select the correct type of filter based on the criteria that is important to you.

Filtration Glossary

An alphabetical list of terms and words specifically related to air filtration with explanations; a brief dictionary.

Why Filter the Air?

Air filtration is an easy topic to ignore.   There is growing scientific evidence that indoor air quality is on average 4 times (occasionally 100 times) more polluted and harmful to human health than the air outdoors.

Air Filter Selection Guide

Filtering requirements that range from the simple needs of a household furnace to the absolute filtration required for a clean room make air cleaning a complex science. This comprehensive guide was developed to aid in the selection of air filters for commercial, retail, institutional, industrial applications, and clean room applicatons.

Particulate Filtration Principles

Particulate filtration media relies on several physical mechanisms, together they contribute to a filter's ability to capture and maintain particles in the air stream. This article illustrates the major mechanisms of particulate air filtration.

Molecular Filtration Principles

Our ancestors have known the uses for charcoal and other carbons for a long time. Particularly they have recognized that carbon can control odor smells. Today, activated carbon has become a critical part of indoor air quality control removing a vast range of harmful and toxic chemicals from the environment.

Air Filtration Mathematics

A simplified guide to air filtration mathematics to help engineers, students, and maintenance staff perform basic air flow, velocity, and pressure calculations to aid in the proper selection of air filters.

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