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About Gafco

Please use this section to learn more about our company, philosophy, vision, mission and core values.


Quality is our upmost priority. Our objective is to contribute to the advancement and progress of improving IAQ through consistent supply, under all circumstances, of high quality air filters. Our infrastructure and products are frequently inspected to ensure absolute quality surpasses quality benchmarks.

Quality starts before our production process begins, first by monitoring and controlling a consistent and efficient supply chain, our quest for quality, cycle time, and specific strategic objectives effectively limit the number of suppliers that meet our requirements.

We strive to work with suppliers who are not only capable but also motivated towards continuous improvement. We encourage long term relationships with capable suppliers and work closely with them over time to achieve the highest levels of efficiency, consistency, and productivity. 

Assuring quality of inputs at every stage of the production process, nothing is left to chance. QC teams monitor every activity in the production plant and an associated feedback loop achieves total error prevention, where early detection procedures reduce waste in time and resources.

Quality across every element and sub assembly of the product is clearly defined.   Quality control is applied to physical products in post-production stages by validating lot samples to verify features and functionality of every filter meets the specifications and requirements of our clients on case by case basis.

Statistical Process Control is used to monitor production processes through the use of control charts, collecting in-process data of outputs at various stages of the production process, we detect variations or trends in quality of materials and machinery early in the process assuring no defects affect the quality of the end product.

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