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Ventex PFFU™

Self powered, HEPA & ULPA portable fan filter units (PFFU).

  • H14 / U15
  • Modules
  • Key Features

    May be fitted with HEPA/ULPA filters classes H14 (> 99.995%) and U15 (> 99,9995%) to EN1822:2009.

    3D aluminum turbo fan designed for low energy consumption, low noise production, and maximum power.

    Units may be custom built with a wide selection of housing materials, sizes, and configurations to meet specific application requirements.

    Supplied with pre-filters to maximize life span of final filters, pre-filters are easily installed and replaced.

    Supplied with variable speed controls [ L / M / H ] delivering micro filtered air in uniform average airflow velocities of 60 FPM/ 80 FPM / 100 FPM.

    Supplied with handles for easy transportation and installation in different operating zones.

    "Safely protected with overload current protection circuit, abnormal pilot lamp, abnormal signal circuit (output dry contactor: NC x 1 Set),

    and motor temperature control switch protection circuit."

    Built under a quality control program, modules are Individually inspected, leak tested and serial numbered.

    An optional dual lamp UV light can be integrated, putting out 253.7 NM.   99% efficient at killing odors, mildew and airborne viruses from a single pass, effective at destroying nucleic acids in microorganisms where  their DNA is disrupted by UV radiation leaving them unable to perform vital cellular functions.

    Units are manufactured under a quality assurance program and then assembled, finished, inspected, individually tested and serial numbered by skilled, trained, and experienced craftsmen and systems.



    Applications Built to supply ultra clean air anywhere, in hospitals and healthcare, clean rooms, microelectronics, life sciences, laboratories, pharmaceutical, and bio-safety labs.
    Efficiency H14: > 99.995%, U15: > 99,9995%.
    Usability Permanent enclosure (replacement filters may be supplied on demand).
    Classifications H14, and U15 to EN1822:2009.
    Frame Type Stainless Steel Enclosure (Powder coated GI enclosures available upon request).
    Applicable products Accepts 69mm deep MicroFyne™ and 81mm deep PrymSeal™ HEPA/ULPA filters.
    Pre-Filter Accepts 2" deep Flexi-Pleat pre-filters.
    Options Ventex™ PFFU's may be equipped with UV lights.
    Type Modules Group.


    • Clean Rooms
    • Schools & Universities
    • Military Equipment
    • Gas Phase
    • High Temperature
    • Nuclear Power
    • Food & Beverage


    • U15 - U17
    • H13 - H14


    • Modules

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