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V-Guard EPA™

Optimum collection efficiency single header compact filters for critical applications.

  • E10 > E12
  • UL Certified
  • Compact Filters
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    Key Features

    Achieves E10 (> 85%), E11 (> 95%), E12 (> 99.5%) to EN1822:2009.

    Three bank design with built in supports for maximum rigidity.

    Guaranteed consistent performance throughout the filter's useful life.

    Controlled mini pleat technology provides exceptionally high ratio of filter media area to filter face area.

    Assembled in unmixed, shock resistant ABS frames meeting UL 94 and F2 to DIN53438-2 standards.

    Ultra-fine glass fibre media is formed into micro glass paper featuring water resistant properties.

    Full adhesive coated case eliminates media to frame air bypass.

    Robust design yet significantly lighter than comparable metal frames.

    Using a special adapter, V-Guard EPA™ filters may be equipped with pre-filters for extended service life.

    V-Guard EPA™ filters are assembled, finished, inspected, individually tested and serial numbered by skilled, trained, and experienced craftsmen and systems.



    Applications Primary filter in commercial, industrial, airports, schools and universities, museums, train stations, food and beverage, hospitals and healthcare, microelectronics, life sciences, laboratories, bio-safety labs, pharmaceutical, nuclear power, and gas turbine applications.
    Efficiency E10: >85%, E11: >95%, E12: >99.5%.
    Usability Disposable.
    Type Compact Filter Group.
    Frame Type Polystyrene plastic single header frames (meets UL 97 and F2 to DIN53438-2 standards).
    Media Wet Laid Micro Glass Paper.
    Adhesive Polyurethane.
    Temperature 80°C maximum in continuous service.
    Flammability Certified to UL 900 Edition 8-2015.
    Options "V-Guard EPA™ filters are available with antimicrobial wet laid micro glass media (standard models will not promote microbial growth). V-Guard EPA™ filters may be supplied with one piece continuous polyurethane gaskets downstream. V-Guard EPA™ filters may be equipped with 48mm, 78mm, 96mm, or 150mm pre-filters."


    • Life Sciences
    • Food & Beverage
    • Schools & Universities
    • Military Equipment
    • Gas Phase
    • High Temperature
    • Nuclear Power
    • Offices & Buildings
    • Commercial
    • Gas Turbine
    • Industrial
    • Museums


    • Compact Filters
    • Cube Filters
    • Rigid Filters


    • E10 - E12

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