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Designed to operate in severe operating conditions, outdoors.

  • F7 > E12
  • UL Certified
  • Compact Filters
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    Key Features

    Achieves F7, F8, and F9 to EN779: 2012 and E10 (> 85%), E11 (> 95%), and E12 (> 99.5%) to EN1822:2009.

    Provides sufficient air flow for electronic and fan cabinet cooling enclosures outdoors.

    Operates flawlessly in high temperature environments (up to 120 °C).

    Steady flat performance curve across the filter's prolonged service life.

    Controlled mini pleating technology provides exceptionally high ratio of filter media to filter face area.

    Continues hot melt bead spacers prevent pleat to pleat contact ensuring full utilization of filtering area.

    PET spunbond backed media assures a non-shedding intact fibre structure.

    Assembled in anodized extruded aluminum frames or unmixed, shock resistant polystyrene plastic frames meeting UL 94 and F2 to DIN53438-2 standards.

    Highly customizable with a wide range of sizes, efficiencies, and frame types: flat, flanged, and single header frames.



    Applications Typically found in outdoor electronic enclosures, outdoor cooling fan cabinets, and telecummunication systems. STIPH™ filters have also served in high demanding industrial, microelectronic, military equipment, cabin, gas turbine, and high temperature applications.
    Classification F7, F8, and F9 to EN779: 2012 | E10 (> 85%), E11 (> 95%), and E12 (> 99.5%) to EN1822:2009.
    Efficiency E10: >85%, E11: >95%, E12: >99.5%.
    Usability Disposable.
    Type Compact Filter Group.
    Frame Type Extruded clear anodized aluminum frames.
    Media Stiff PET backed synthetic fibre.
    Adhesive Polyurethane.
    Temperature 120°C maximum in continuous service
    Options "STIPH™ filters may be supplied in flat (box), single or double header frames for installation in side access filter housings. STIPH™ filters may be supplied with one piece continuous polyurethane gaskets upstream or downstream. STIPH™ filters may be supplied with retrieval handles to assist during filter exchanges. STIPH™ filters may be supplied with polystyrene plastic frames rated at 80°C maximum in continues service."


    • E10 - E12
    • F5 - F9


    • Shopping Centers
    • Telecom Systems
    • Nuclear Power
    • Gas Turbine
    • Industrial
    • Airports


    • Rigid Filters

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