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Our certified specialists possess years of experience performing integrity testing work in a vast range of environments and applications. 
The most technologically advanced equipment and measurement tools allows for fast and reliable testing process. 


Testing Parameters:

Filter integrity testing - demonstrates that no contamination will leak through the work area from HEPA/ULPA filters and grid systems. 
Airflow volume and velocity measurement - assures both unidirectional and non-unidirectional flow areas are properly balanced and unidirectional zones are maintaining proper air patterns. 


Optional Tests:

Cleanroom Classification Testing and Certification per ISO 14644-1, EU GMP, or FED 209. 
Non-viable particle counting - reports the amount of airborne particulate of a specified size in a clean zone. 
Room air exchange rate calculation - assures the area is meeting its design exchange rates. 
Temperature and relative humidity testing - examines whether the HVAC controls are functioning properly and uniformly. 
Pressure cascade monitoring - verifies that room differential pressures are operating as designed. 
Cleanroom filter replacements and installation. 
Airflow visualization testing - documents that the air in the work area is functioning as designed, preventing cross contamination. 

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