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Our certified specialists possess years of experience performing qualification work in a vast range of environments and applications.
Cleanroom testing and certification services are executed in accordance with EU GMP, FED 209, or ISO 14644-1.
Cleanroom testing results are thoroughly analyzed, quality reviewed, and documented, specific test protocols and reporting procedures may be customized to customer specifications.
The most technologically advanced equipment and measurement tools allows for the certification of any class or size cleanroom quickly and accurately.

Testing Parameters:

Cleanroom Classification Testing and Certification per ISO 14644-1, EU GMP, or FED 209.
Fully documented reporting, includes: zone class, test locations, sample size, cycle times, cumulative/differential counts, particle concentrations.

Optional Tests:

Non-viable particle counting - reports the amount of airborne particulate of a specified size in a clean zone.
Airflow volume and velocity measurement - assures both unidirectional and non-unidirectional flow areas are properly balanced and unidirectional zones are maintaining proper air patterns.
Room air exchange rate calculation - assures the area is meeting its design exchange rates.
Filter integrity testing - demonstrates that no contamination will leak through the work area from HEPA/ULPA filters and grid systems.
Temperature and relative humidity testing - examines whether the HVAC controls are functioning properly and uniformly.
Pressure cascade monitoring - verifies that room differential pressures are operating as designed.
Cleanroom filter replacements and installation.
Airflow visualization testing - documents that the air in the work area is functioning as designed, preventing cross contamination.

With every service call we offer:

Responsive service to minimize downtime.
Customized documentation and technical writing services.
The assurance of an ISO 9001 certified quality system.

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