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Particulate filtration and assistance in low non-critical odor filtration.

  • G3 / G4
  • Carbon Filters
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    Key Features

    Achieves G3, G4 to EN779:2012 / MERV 6, MERV 8 to ASHRAE 52.2:2007.

    Comprehensive range of standard and non-standard sizes.

    Economical yet effective.

    Low resistance to air-flow minimizes energy costs.

    Metal grid supported filter media up and down stream.



    Supports Metal grid supported media (Up/Down Stream).
    Type Carbon Filter Group.
    Temperature 65°C maximum in continuous service.
    Frame Type Galvanized Mild Steel.
    Adhesive Solvent based adhesive.
    Media Carbon impregnated media.
    Usability Disposable.
    Efficiency G3 and G4 to EN779:2012 | MERV 6 and MERV 8 to ASHRAE 52.2:2007.
    Applications Used for gas purification of particulates and odors in residential, commercial, light chemical purification, airports, schools and universities, office buildings, and shopping centers.


    • Residential
    • Life Sciences
    • Hospitals & Healthcare
    • Laboratories
    • Bio-Safety Cabinets


    • G1 - G4


    • Cube Filters

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