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The industry standard deep pleat HEPA filter for contamination control.

  • H14
  • UL Certified
  • Rigid Filters
  • Key Features

    Achieves H13 and H14 (> 99.995%) to EN1822:2009.

    Controlled aluminum separators prevent pleat-to-pleat contact and assure equal air distribution.

    Comes in standard capacity SC and high capacity HC models.

    Pleated to extended filtration surface area.

    Full adhesive coated case on all sides and joints eliminates media to frame air bypass.

    Micro glass paper media is moisture resistant and will not promote microbial growth.

    Available with antimicrobial wet-laid micro glass media.

    GrandPAK™ filters are assembled, finished, inspected, individually tested and serial numbered by skilled, trained, and experienced craftsmen and systems.



    Efficiency H14: > 99.995%.
    Usability Disposable.
    Type Rigid Filter Group.
    Frame Type Galvanized Mild Steel (stainless steel upon request).
    Media Wet Laid Micro Glass Paper.
    Adhesive Polyurethane.
    Temperature 100°C maximum in continuous service.
    Flammability Certified to UL 900 Edition 8-2015.
    Options "GrandPAK™ filters are available in antimicrobial wet-laid micro glass media (standard models will not promote microbial growth). GrandPAK™ filters may be supplied with one piece continuous polyurethane gaskets upstream or downstream. GrandPAK™ filters may be supplied with retrieval handles to assist during filter exchanges. GrandPAK™ filters may be supplied in stainless steel or wooden frames."
    Applications Hospitals and healthcare, clean rooms, microelectronics, food and beverage, life sciences, laboratories, bio-safety labs, museums, nuclear power and gas turbine applications


    • Clean Rooms
    • Museums
    • Food & Beverage
    • Schools & Universities
    • Military Equipment
    • Gas Phase
    • High Temperature
    • Nuclear Power
    • Offices & Buildings
    • Commercial
    • Gas Turbine


    • H13 - H14


    • Pleated Filters

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