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Filter housings built to protect building operators, facility personnel, and the general public.

  • H14
  • Housings
  • Key Features

    Achieves H14 (> 99.995%) to EN1822:2009.

    Highly customizable with an assortment of pre-filters, carbon filters, and special transitions and installations.

    Incorporates a ribbed bagging ring behind the access door, over which a PVC bag is attached.

    12 & 14-gauge type T304 stainless steel hardware with 2B Finish.

    Pressure boundaries are 100% seal welded and leak free.

    Features individual access doors for each filter section, pressure gauges and DOP testing ports.

    Door orientation may be customized for right or left hand side access.

    Units are manufactured under a quality assurance program and then assembled, finished, inspected, individually tested and serial numbered by skilled, trained, and experienced craftsmen and systems.



    Sealant 100% seal welded.
    Air Flow Volume Range 500 CFM up to 24,000 CFM.
    Applications Industrial, hospitals and healthcare, clean rooms, chemical purification, life sciences, laboratories, bio-safety labs, pharmaceutical, nuclear power, and high temperature applications.
    Type Filter Housings Group.
    Material 12 and 14-gauge type T304 stainless steel (except for door star knobs).
    Options "Enviro-SAFE™ housings may be supplied with adjustable butterfly dampers. Enviro-SAFE™ housings may be supplied with dual lamp UV lights. Enviro-SAFE™ housings may be scan tested onsite and certified by a clean room specialist."


    • Industrial
    • Museums
    • Food & Beverage
    • Schools & Universities
    • Airports
    • Military Equipment
    • Gas Phase
    • High Temperature
    • Hospitals & Healthcare
    • Clean Rooms


    • H13 - H14

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