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Designed for self service building operators, Ecofill™ pre-filters are economical solutions built from detachable extruded aluminum frames with replaceable synthetic media pads, end users may supply the permanent frame with one or several sets of replacea

  • G3 / G4
  • UL Certified
  • Panel Filters
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    Key Features

    Achieves G3 and G4 to EN779:2012 / MERV 5 and MERV 8 to ASHRAE 52.2:2007.

    Rigid construction yet light weight, easy to maintain and reuse.

    Comes in 1" and 2" anodized extruded aluminum frames.

    Filter media is supported with expanded and flattened metal mesh.

    Inner metal hooks maintain the uniform shape and position of the media pad.

    Supplied with moisture resistant progressive density synthetic media.



    Applications Residential, commercial, industrial, airports, schools and universities, train stations, museums, food & beverage, office buildings, and shopping centers.
    Efficiency G3 and G4 to EN779:2012 | MERV 5 and MERV 8 to ASHRAE 52.2:2007.
    Usability Permanent housing, replaceable media pads.
    Type Panel Filter Group.
    Frame Type Anodized extruded aluminum frames.
    Media Polyester media pads.
    Adhesive Dry filter.
    Temperature 75°C maximum in continuous service.
    Supports Metal grid supported media upstream and downstream.


    Corporate Brochure

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    • Residential
    • Laboratories
    • Offices & Buildings
    • Commercial
    • Industrial
    • Life Sciences
    • Bio-Safety Cabinets


    • Compact Filters
    • Cube Filters
    • Panel Filters


    • G1 - G4

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