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Air Filtration Standards

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ASHRAE Standard 52.2 was created by a group of air filter distributors, manufacturers and engineers. It is a result of more than 10 years of development and improvement in the field of air filtration testing and performance measuring. It provides a method of testing air cleaning devices to assist end users and HVAC consultants select the appropriate air filtration system for their specific needs.

EN 779: 2012

The new standard, launched 2012, classifies filters into three Groups: G group - Coarse filters: classified G1, G2, G3, and G4. M group - Medium filters: classified M5 and M6. F group - Fine filters: classified F7, F8, and F9. G group filters are rated based on their average arrestance and dust holding capacity (Gravimetric / Weight) where the determination of dust holding capacity for F and M group filters will be an indicator of filter lifespan.

EN779: 2002

The European Committee for Standardization established a new standard in 2002 to classify filter performance by introducing Standard EN779:2002.
Developed from EN779:1993, the newer standard maintained its classification in F and G groups, and determined average efficiency based on particles that are 0.4 μm (using liquid DEHS) as follows: Filters Average Efficiency < 40% = Group G. Filters Average Efficiency > 40% = Group F.

EN 1822: 2009

Standard EN1822:2009 improved on EN 1822:1998 by including leakage testing and classifies membrane type filters and synthetic fibers as follows: EPA 10 to EPA 12: Efficiency Particulate Air Filters. HEPA 13 to HEPA 14: High Efficiency Particulate Air Filters. ULPA 15 to ULPA 17: Ultra Low Penetration Air Filters.

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