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GAFCO is a leader in the development, design, production and sale of air filtration solutions for a wide range of industries. We consider this business an obligation and handle progress seriously. Working with our customers and partners we bring together leading IAQ solutions for a wide range of applications.

Most of our production lines and processes are lean and six sigma refined, an extensive set of quality tools shape our processes assuring high levels of productivity and quality parameters are met. 

GAFCO teams focus on enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of our manufacturing base and processing activities, advancing our technology by refining our testing and performance measurement capabilities, and continuously engaging in research and development programs to improve IAQ.

We promote international standards by conducting daily, comprehensive, and continuous research for the development of new filtration solutions, proactively utilizing innovative methods of statistical controls for all activities and manufacturing processes.

Everyday ... we endeavor to produce as little waste as possible and preserve resources to transfer benefits of operational efficiency to our valued customers, and the communities we serve and love.

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